Curriculum “Ecological Sciences” - Research topics

  1. Landscape Ecology; Vegetation Classification and Dynamics, Syntaxonomy and vegetation maps; Old-growth forests; Alien species; Ecological networks; Environmental and Landscape Planning; Plant-Soil relationships; Ecoregions.

Prof. Carlo Blasi, Dr. Laura Celesti, DBA;

  1. Speciation by hybridization and adaptive radiation

Prof.ssa Rossella Cianchi, DBA;

  1. Functional Ecology and plant response to environmental stress factors; Bioindication and Biomonitoring of air pollution; Vegetation and Ecosystem Services in natural and urban environments; Phytoremediation.

Prof. Fausto Manes, DBA;

  1. Photosynthetic efficiency, phenotypic plasticity and stress factors; Adaptative strategies and plant response to Climate Changes

Prof.ssa Loretta Gratani, DBA;

  1. Trophic networks and species relationships in marine and freshwater ecosystems; Climate Changes indicators in Antarctica; Identification and origin of organic pollutants in marine and freshwater ecosystems

Prof. Loreto Rossi and Prof. Maria Letizia Costantini, DBA;

  1. Marine benthos ecology; Management of marine fish resources; Conservation biology and protected marine areas; Mapping of marine habitats.

Prof. Giandomenico Ardizzone, DBA;

  1. Freshwater ecology: the role of animal communities to define the ecological quality and conservation status of ecosystems.

Dr. Luciana Mastrantuono, Dr. Marco Seminara and Dr. Marcello Bazzanti, DBA;

  1. Ecosystem approach for biodiversity conservation and Climate Changes effects.

Dr. Fabio Attorre, DBA;

  1. Fire ecology; Quantitative methods for the analysis of plant diversity.

Dr. Carlo Ricotta, DBA.

Curriculum “Botany” - Research topics

  1. Differentiation and morphogenesis in planta and in in vitro systems

Prof. Maria Maddalena Altamura, DBA;

  1. Quaternary Palaeobotany and Archaeobotany

Prof. Donatella Magri and Dr. Alessandra Celant, DBA;

  1. Systematics and distribution of taxonomically critical and/or threatened vascular plants; vascular and bryophytic flora: analysis of the floristic and chorological diversity at different scales; vegetation of river, sinanthropic and salty habitats for environment quality evaluations.

Prof. Giovanna Abbate and Dr. Mauro Iberite, DBA;

  1. Food safety related to the application of prevention and detoxification strategies of chemical and microbial contaminations and their detection methodologies.

Prof. Corrado Fanelli, Dr. Anna Adele Fabbri and Dr. Massimo Reverberi, DBA;

  1. Fungi and their potential in bioremediation of potentially toxic elements

Prof. Anna Maria Persiani, DBA;

  1. Phytoremediation: control mechanisms at cell and tissue level.

Dr. Giuseppina Falasca, DBA;

  1. Secondary metabolism in the plant and in in vitro systems; Study of bioactive molecules; Ex situ conservation of plant biodiversity: in vitro culture and cryopreservation of germplasm of rare or endangered species

Prof. Gabriella Pasqua and Dr. Alessio Valletta, DBA;

  1. Studies, characterization and improvement of chemical constituents in single and multicomponent plant preparations

Prof. Marcello Nicoletti, Prof. Mauro Serafini and Dr. Sebastiano Foddai, DBA.

Curriculum “Animal Biology” - Research topics

  1. Evolutionary Biology, Systematics, Biogeography and insect Conservation Biology.

Prof. Paolo Audisio and Prof. Augusto Vigna Taglianti, DBB;

  1. Applied Evolutionary Biology of phytophagous insects.

Dr. Alessio De Biase, DBB;

  1. Evolutionary Biology of Mollusca.

Prof. Marco Oliverio, DBB;

  1. Animal Ecology, Behavioural Ecology, Management and Conservation of animal populations

Prof. L. Boitani and Dr. Paolo Ciucci, DBB;

  1. Conservation Biology and Conservation Priorities.

Prof. L. Boitani and Dr. Carlo Rondinini, DBB;

  1. Genetic structure, systematics and molecular Evolution of circum-Mediterranean animal taxa.

Prof. Marina Cobolli and Dr. Valerio Ketmaier, DBB;

  1. Evolutionary Biology, Biogeography and Taxonomy of hypogean Arthropods.

Prof. Marina Cobolli, DBB;

  1. Evolutionary Biology and Ecology of Crustaceans.

Prof. Elvira De Matthaeis, DBB;

  1. Biology and Behavioural Ecology of Ants.

Prof. Alberto Fanfani, DBB;

  1. Evolutionary Biology of Osteichthyes.

Prof. Luciana Sola and Dr. Annarita Rossi, DBB;

  1. Microevolution and Speciation in Rodentia.

Dr. Riccardo Castiglia, DBB;

  1. Comparative Neurobiology.

Prof. Carla Cioni and Dr. Mattia Toni, DBB.

Curriculum “Anthropology” - Research topics

  1. Paleoanthropology, Ecology of ancient human populations and natural history of Primates Prof. G. Manzi, DBA

  2. Molecular Anthropology, history and genetic adaptations in extant human populations

Prof. G. Destro Bisol, DBA

  1. Paleobiology of ancient human populations, human Paleontology, dental Anthropology Prof. A. Coppa, DBA