PhD Course in “Environmental and Evolutionary Biology”

The PhD course in “Environmental and Evolutionary Biology” is structured in four curricula: “Ecological science”, “Botany”, “Animal Biology” and “Anthropology”. The PhD course allows students the opportunity to study in depth disciplines included in 9 disciplinary groups (BIO/01, 02,03,05, 06, 07,08, 15 e AGR12) with 45 experts pertaining to both biological departments of “Sapienza” university (Dept. of Environmental Biology and Dept. of Biology and Biotechnology). The students will attend courses, seminars and research laboratories at Sapienza university and excellent national and international research institutes.

The PhD course in “Environmental and Evolutionary Biology”, which comprises disciplines ranging from cell to biodiversity architecture and landscape ecology, is designed to provide high postgraduate scientific knowledge and technological expertise in the fields of environmental sciences, evolutionary biology and anthropology. Students will be given the opportunity to choose approaches that are better suited to their background and will be trained to develop updated skills to carry on advanced research projects taking into account functional, evolutionary and conservationist aspects of biology.